Automated Market Maker

Behodler Ecosystem

Efficient, low cost, single sided Automated Market Maker (AMM) with a universal liquidity token, $SCX. Offering lower impermanent loss than traditional AMMs, and shining as a wholesaler of yield strategies, for half the gas of alternative options.

Behodler Bonding Curve

Swap & Invest

Behodler AMM

The first true market for liquidity. Optimized for lower gas consumption, MEV offsetting, and powered by token bonding curve pricing.

Scarcity $SCX

Universal liquidity token built on hyper deflationary tokenomics designed to suck liquidity in from the rest of DeFi into the Behodler "gravity well".

Earn & Grow

Stake to earn


A community configured yield farming dapp for bootstrapping liquidity of new token listings on Behodler.

Flan $FLN

A reward token to incentivize stakers participating to help grow new token liquidity through Limbo.

Rewards & Incentives

Reward holders

Pyrotokens & Bonfire

Deflation as a service. Pyrotokens are an innovative yield aggregating strategy, that rewards holders by taking advantage of the burn of burnable and non-burnable tokens on Behodler (collected as fees). An automatic incentive for trading on Behodler.

E.g. WETH becomes burnable as PyroETH when traded on Behodler. Rewarding both PyroETH and ETH holders.

Bonfire is a dApp powered by Limbo that can bring deflation to your favorite token.

Vote & have your say

Shape Behodler

Behodler $EYE

Deflationary utility & governance token for the Behodler Ecosystem. Capped at 10 million max supply and burned at 0.5% with trades made on Behodler.

Morgoth DAO
Morgoth DAO
The core governance protocol for the Behodler Ecosystem.
Limbo MicroDAO
Limbo MicroDAO
Directly control the calibration of Limbo staking parameters.
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